The Secret of the Cretan Diet – 3 Things that Make Cretans Centenarians

People from Crete are known for their good health and long life! So how do they do this?

The answer hides behind a very old dietary history that’s still ‘alive’. Many people say that Cretan diet is actually the original version of the Mediterranean one. There’s no chance you haven’t heard of it as this cuisine is served in many restaurants all across the world.

Cretans are known for eating ‘real’ food, which means they’ve excluded fast food, too much alcohol and other unhealthy habits from their menu. The islanders rely on fresh fruits and vegetables, honey, grains, herbs and, of course, olives and olive oil.

So, let’s see 3 of the products that make Cretans centenarians:

  1. Olives and olive oil

Thanks to the climate in Crete, there are millions of olive trees all over the island. That’s why olives have a special place on the table. A vital rule is “Use no other oil except for olive oil!” People from Crete use extra virgin olive oil (usually locally produced!) as the principal fat.

  1. cretan herbsHerbs and spices

A great advantage of the Cretan cuisine is the richness of herbs and spices. They not only give a wonderful aroma to the food, but also add healthy touch to what’s consumed. Cretan herbs contain lots of beneficial substances and they play an important role in maintaining good health!

  1. Honey

If you manage to replace sweets with honey, you’ll see why Cretans are full of energy! The bee product has vitamins and antioxidants that boost your organism and make it strong and healthy.

Of course, being on a Cretan diet doesn’t mean your menu is limited. This regimen includes many other healthy products that can definitely be various and also very useful! Let’s not forget that “Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.”

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