How to Choose the Purest Olive Oil – 3 Signs of High Quality

Olive oil is undoubtedly the healthiest vegetable oil! Those who live in the areas near the Mediterranean Sea know it themselves. Greeks, for example, are said to rarely suffer from cardiovascular diseases. That’s because the daily consumption of olive oil reduces bad cholesterol and protects their heart. Did you know they actually consume an average of 5,3l/person a year?! Congrats, people!

Olive oil contains more monounsaturated fatty acids than any other oil. It’s also very rich in antioxidants (especially extra virgin!). Why is it called extra virgin? Well, its extraction from the olives is done only mechanically – with pressing and squeezing. There’s no heat or chemicals used in this process. So, you probably get why this product is the most expensive and at the same time so much in demand.

Sadly, many people tend to make attempts to falsify the EVOO. Here’s 3 simple signs of high quality:

  1. The most effective way to test the oil, of course, is to buy it from a certain brand that you trust. Always choose certified producers/sellers that guarantee high quality.
  2. A main indicator for quality is the acidity. The lower it is, the better the product!
  3. Not to underestimate is what’s written on the stamp. If you trust the brand, you might trouble-free choose the “Extra Virgin” one.

Remember: Olive oil has 3 main enemies – heat, sunlight and air. To preserve it for longer always store it in a cool, dark place and restock regularly.

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