Enjoy the Taste ofCrete

No one can deny the health benefits that Olive Oil and the products made of it carry along. To complement that, everyday science comes up with new facts over how Olive Oil plays an important role in one’s health.

Olive Oil is one of the main elements of the Mediterranean diet, which dates back thousands of years and is indisputably the healthiest way of living, when it comes to what we eat.

Taste of Crete has one single mission; To provide people in the UK access to the most Premium natural Olive Oil products from Crete, which has a historical tradition around producing the best Olive Oil products in the world.

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    Worldwide Known

    Crete is famous for Olive Oil products as the tradition around them dates thousands of years back.

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    Healthy Diet

    The health benefits of Olive Oil products are wide known among scientists, although you don’t need to be an expert to know that!

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    But it's not just that

    Taste of Crete also supplies pure natural Honey, which will complement your diet, giving a sweet twist to it.

Amazing products!! So delicate taste and the antioxidant properties they have, keep our body young and healthy! Thank you "Taste of Crete" for giving us the opportunity to maintain our…
Amazing and top quality products! Just got the olive paste and it's super delicious � thank you ���

Why choose us

Because we only select the best suppliers of Oil Products in Crete

Quality & Safety

We only partner with producers who have received international recognition for the quality of their products!


For Taste of Crete, Natural, Limited & Premium is the way to go!

Health & Well-being

We only select products with exceptional nutritional value.

Taste of Crete

The only place where you can find the best Greek Oil products in the UK!

Our Products

See what Taste of Crete has to Offer


Olive Oils

Pure with amazing nutritional value, from Crete for You.

Greek Olive Oil is worldwide known and indisputably one of the Finest!
The cultivation of olive trees is said to have started on the island of Crete in Neolithic times.

Why does that matter?
Because you know that Greek and especially Cretan Culture is tied with Olive Trees & Oil from ancient times, meaning that the products you get carry a long history of expertise with them!

Nature has a cure for everything. And its secrets are not hidden in unexpected or unapproachable places; they are in front of us. Herbs have pharmaceutical abilities that are only recently explored by the pharmaceutical industry, yet that Greeks know and use for hundreds of years.

Apart from powerful healers, herbs are one of the main “ingredients” of Cretan Cuisine, the basis of the world famous Mediterranean Cuisine.

Enter this magic world and do not hesitate even for a minute. After all, new always tastes better.


Herbs & Spices

Enrich the taste of your Food, or soothe your pain!


Gift Boxes

A Special Gift full of Special Treats!

These are not just regular gift boxes.
They are a special collection that you can share or keep for yourself (Because, why not?);
Native herbs, pure Cretan olive oil, honey, and traditional recipes, not in one but on multiple different combinations.

We carefully selected every single one of these products and placed them in a range of modern packages of various sizes and shapes, in order to create something special but also familiar, something modern but also authentic.

A perfect gift for anybody!


Olive Oil Soaps

Natural soaps from Crete made with Olive Oil



Pure natural Honey from the heart of Crete


Jams & Marmelades

Made in Crete with love, using Greek Fruits.