7 Ways Figs Can Benefit Your Health State

Figs – once a symbol of richness and aristocracy – were called “the gods’ fruits” in Ancient times. No matter if dried, fresh or as marmalade, figs are always the best choice when you are in need of something sweet!

Let’s see some of the most common health benefits of the magical fruit:

  1. Protect the heart – Figs are thought to be a cure for all kinds of heart diseases as they contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which prevent from coronary heart issues.
  2. Boost the metabolism – These tiny little fruits are very rich in pectin – a substance that might help the digestive system and metabolism as a whole.
  3. Strengthen the bones – Did you know figs are a great source of calcium? Well, indeed they are! In fact, this chemical element is responsible for the good bone structure and that’s why it is important to supply your organism with it.
  4. Cure hypertonia – Also known as high blood pressure, hypertonia is a disease, which is mostly associated with the consumption of more sodium than potassium. Luckily, figs contain more potassium than sodium and for that very reason they are said to prevent hypertonia.
  5. Soothe sore throat – In case you’ve got the flu, don’t be rash to take the pills! You can try eating some figs (in any form, literally!) and thanks to their gum, you might get rid of the problem!
  6. Help lose weight – Figs don’t have any fat or cholesterol, which (plus the fibers in them) is the reason why they are the perfect food for eliminating the unnecessary weight.
  7. Increase brain activity – Many specialists suggest figs consumption to patients who have been ill for a long time and need to strengthen their immune system. In that way the fruits are believed to help brain activity and to supply with energy! It’s all one big ‘health chain’, isn’t it?

Are these statements enough to convince you that figs are a great thing to include in your diet? Here’s a double benefit – they are both healthy and tasty! Actually, they are said to be some of the sweetest fruits as they contain 55% natural sugar. Nice, huh?!

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