5 Health Uses of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a widely spread herb that most people use only when feeling sick. Did you know, however, that this small plant can have a huge impact on our health? Chamomile contains chemicals named flavonoids which are the main ‘suspects’ for the herb’s positive effects!

So, let’s see the top 5 benefits of chamomile tea:

  1. Helps diabetes

Although chamomile tea cannot replace the need for diabetes medications, it can be a great supplement to the regular treatment. Studies show that its use is capable of lowering the blood sugar levels in our bodies, so don’t hesitate to try it out!

  1. Prevents from cancer

Even if it seems strange to you that a simple herb can be of use for the prevention of cancer, it’s true! Researchers say that chamomile tea acts against cancer cells and even stops their development. Isn’t that great?!

  1. Reduces anxiety

Chamomile is known for its relaxing properties, which is of very good favor to the nerve system. This means that when you consume tea from this herb, you will mostly likely feel much calmer and able to have a good, resting sleep during the night!

  1. Soothes menstrual pain

Ladies, next time you have this awful pain during your period, make sure to treat yourself with a cup of hot, flavorful chamomile tea. You can even ‘play spoilt’ at least once and make someone else do it for you! Sounds nice, huh?

  1. Heals skin problems

Because of its hydrating properties chamomile is thought to be a very good helper when it comes to skin irritations. It’s appropriate for wounds, burns, eczema, conditions like dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.

All this is great, but let’s be clear about who shouldn’t use chamomile tea! First of all, the herb is not recommended for infants and children at a very young age as it may cause infections, which only adults can cope with. Secondly, it should be avoided by people who are allergic to pollens or to chamomile. All others may trouble-free enjoy the drink on a daily basis!

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